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WCF errors after Installing Azure SDK 1.5

I’ve run into this problem twice now and figured maybe someone else might hit it as well.  The error occurred right after installing the new Azure 1.5 SDK and the first time I went to run a regular application that did a WCF call I got the following error.  The error simply says NetTCPRelayBinding could not be found.


What was interesting was the fact I wasn’t even using service bus at all.  After looking all over I finally found a blog talking about removing entries left behind in the machine.config here  I was a little skeptical at first but as I got more desperate I figured worst I could do is kill one of my machines.  That didn’t completely fix the problem but removing all old entries having servicebus in the name did turn out to be part of the solution.  Do remember to backup this file before you edit it just in case you make a typo and need to recover it later.

The other part for me both times has been running the command   RelayConfigurationInstaller /I from the  %Program Files%\Windows Azure AppFabric SDK\V1.5\Assemblies\NET4.0 folder.  This was done after the machine.config was cleaned up from all old servicebus entries and saved.

Once that was done I was able to use WCF related things like before and all was good.  Please use care with using this approach as it’s not clear why this is even required but I figured I would share what I found in case it helps someone else not spend a few hours tracking down one possible solution.  I will pass this along to Microsoft and if they offer any additional guidance I will update the post later.

Update 10/10/2011:

This issue is related to AppFabric 1.0 SDK not uninstalling properly and clearing out entries in machine.config. We have captured the symptoms and workaround in the known-issues sections here:


For a brief period between April and June the AppFabric 1.0 installer on the download site had a bug where is did not remove all machine.config entries, this has since been fixed. In addition SDK 1.5 does not add any entries to machine.config.


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