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LinkedIn–Time to Check Your Settings

I’ve always in the past thought LinkedIn was a pretty stand up company, however recently some of their actions make you go hmmm…  I came across this post talking about how LinkedIn now has options for if your picture can be used in advertising and e-mail preferences allow unsolicited e-mail from 3rd party.  I thought for sure the post had to be wrong, I’ve always thought of LinkedIn as being above those games, but sure enough the post was accurate and my profile was enabled without my permission.  So go now, and check your settings the post here has details on how to do it.

I’ve used Linked In’s premium service off and on before – in the past it used to be easy to shutoff if you decided you didn’t need it for a while.  This last round after a few months of paying for it and not using it, I decided to turn it off again.  They make it easy to charge your card for services, but there is no link to easily request it to be turned off that I could find.  Ironically, I took advantage of the service to e-mail the Linked In CEO, who by morning made sure it got turned off.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Linked In has incredible value and if you aren’t on it, as long as they don’t keep playing games you should be there.  Hey Linked In, I’m not sure who’s making these decisions, but clean up your act!

Update 8/11 – Linked In Posted the following to their blog in response to the reaction of the community of the changes -

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