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Moving Azure Mobile Services from Account A to B

We just got done publishing an application to the Windows store using Azure Mobile Services (more on the app later) and had to change Windows Store accounts mid stream.  Don’t take this as an official how-to but just in case you end up in this situation just know it is possible and not that much of a pain.

We started building the application under Account A, but for business reasons decided to publish it under Account B.  We had already setup to the application in the store, configured Azure Mobile Services including authentication within the application.  There might be a step by step somewhere but I sure didn’t find it, and I was a little worried just winging it so close to releasing the application.  Here’s roughly what we did to switch it over

  • Setup the new Windows Store Account B, and went through verification
  • Created the same application with slightly different name under Account B, it won’t let you use the same name because Account A is still using it, and I was afraid to delete from A prior to setting up Account B, it turned out we liked the name with “s” added better anyway
  • In Visual Studio on the project right-click Store –> Associate and sign in to the new Account B, and choose the new application we just provisioned.  This part went much smoother than I thought, after a few seconds and files updated it finished.
  • Removed the application from the system (just to be on the safe side so nothing was confused)
  • Ran the application – it fails trying to authenticate because the package ID doesn’t match for the authentication
  • In Live  developer center you must change the URL for the application – as it won’t let you use the URL on the new application.
  • In Live Developer center update the application to have your Azure Mobile Services URL
  • From Live Developer take the Client ID and Client Secret and update the Azure Mobile Services Authentication tab info with that info
  • Run the application – all is good

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