Denver Dev Days - Call for speakers open

The call for speakers is now open. What type of topics are we looking for? We are looking for topics that help our community of developers learn about new things, improve on existing things, or see real-world examples of patterns, techniques, and technologies. Long-time speakers and new speakers are all welcome. Denver Dev Day is a great place to cut your teeth. Full-length sessions or lightning talks are welcome. Developers love lightning talks.

The call ends on Sunday, May 21 - this date was intentionally chosen because it is after Microsoft Build in Seattle. Many speakers like to talk about new, announced technologies that often appear first at Build. If you're that kind of speaker, this due date was chosen especially for you. But, even if you are wanting to speak on tried-and-true technologies, you are very welcome to Denver Dev Day. We can all improve on the basics.

You can submit more than one session. We don't promise to accept all of your sessions. Submitting more than one session means that if your big idea is the same idea of another speaker, we have another chance to select you rather than doubling up content. Just make sure your description is clear. We love our developer community and giving everyone a chance to speak if we can work it out.
Here's where you submit: