New CRM Phone Client Released

The next major milestone in the Dynamics CRM mobile story just played out with the phone clients becoming available for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android devices. The phone clients are not just a "mobile express" version, they are native shells on the phone devices that use a common core that is shared with the tablet mobile applications. That means the majority of the features of both the phone and tablet are now similar with a few difference adjusted to the form factor. The phone clients are available to CRM 2015 Update 1 (7.1) which is an online only release till fall when on-premise is due for the next update.

You can find the clients in the stores here:


Windows Phone:


Building multi-platform / multi-device applications is tough so congratulations for the team in getting through this next milestone. I suspect that clears the way for some more mobile features now to start coming to all the supported configurations in the next release. What's on your wishlist?