Xrm.Tools/CDS.Tools multi geo support

When you've used https://Xrm.Tools to talk to your Dynamics 365 / CDS instance, you've been doing it from the West US. That means for those of you in EMEA or other regions longer latency when it does some of its operations. We've started testing out using it with Azure Traffic manager so that you would be directed to an instance closer to your region.

At the same time, we figured it was a good idea to put the CDS.Tools domain name into use. Right now, CDS.Tools is where we are testing the traffic manager usage. Long term both Xrm.Tools and CDS.Tools will point to the same traffic manager instances. Right now we have just West US and West Europe up and running but will try to see about adding others as needed

An interesting side note for anyone thinking of using traffic manager. One thing you might notice is that cds.tools redirects to www.cds.tools. That is a side effect of Azure Traffic manager not having support for root domains. It uses CNames, and you can't redirect cds.tools to the traffic manager profile URL.

Give it a try and Drop me a note @davidyack if you run into issues.

Once we finish testing expect to see Xrm.Tools handled the same way.