New Year, New Blog - Welcome to 2015

I finally got tired of my old blog hosting provider and decided that to celebrate the new year I would throw it out and start over. It will probably take me a little bit to get everything ironed out so hang in there!

In case you are wondering I'm using Ghost for my blog engine hosted in Windows Azure. You can read more about Ghost here They have a hosted offering, but I chose to go the route of building it from their stable base line on and deploying it to azure. If this blog works out well, I plan to use it for my main blog as well.

I was on Squarespace since 2006, and up to about a year ago it was all going well. Then they stopped updating existing sites and launched SquareSpace 6 without any word on how to migrate. I ended up trying version 6 for a new blog we launched and really wasn't all that impressed, so I guess I wasn't too disappointed they didn't update mine. Anyway, they hopefully are history now. In case you are wondering about old posts, I've backed up the XML files and probably will go through them at somepoint but want to focus more on new content for now so it may be a while before I look back to see what I should recover.

Happy new year, 2015 looks to be an exciting year for CRM and all the related products we get to play with now like Dynamics Marketing and Social Listening.