Xrm.Tools - Security Role Explorer

Managing and understanding security roles in CRM can be tough. One of the Tools on Xrm.Tools is a Security Role Explorer, which tries to help make it easier. If you haven't used Xrm.Tools before it is a community site with a bunch of tools that work with CRM Online. There is nothing to install; you simply consent to allow it to connect to your CRM organization the first time you use it. The site uses the official login process for your CRM Online org, meaning the site itself never has access to your credentials. Enough on that what can you do with the Security Role Explorer - Currently there are three options:

Compare Roles - Allows you to compare two roles and look at what is Unique to each role, Different or the Same. This is great for example when you are trying to decide if you should consolidate some roles. I also use this everytime a new CRM release occurs to compare the prior version OOB role with the new release OOB role to look at what changed.

View User Roles - This one is fun, it allows you to provide a user e-mail, it looks up all their roles and presents you a composite view of what their roles provide them. This is great when you have users that have multiple roles, and you want to see what their combined access is.

View Entity Roles - This is hot off the press, simply provide the logical name of the entity (yes, we should have a lookup, but we didn't want to slow it down from making it available, so, for now, you need the logical name e.g. account or contact, or incident, etc.) Once provided it will show you all the roles and the access each role provides for that entity. This view is great when you simply want to know which roles have access to a specific entity, and you don't have time to open 20+ roles up to find out!

The site has several other tools that are useful, more on those later! If you have suggestions or feedback send it along!